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Be a Better Salesperson - 5 Suggestions

Be a Better Salesperson - 5 Suggestions

Posted by Avid Hawk LLC

Be a Better Salesperson - 5 Suggestions

Most salespeople are constantly looking for ways to close more sales. They use a variety of tools, initiatives, and strategies in an attempt to achieve results. What do great salespeople do to close more sales? Below are five suggestions that could help you become a better salesperson.

Talk to the Decision Maker
It's unlikely you will make sales at a significant level if you don't speak to decision makers. Sometimes you have to speak with other people, but the close of the sale will almost always go through the decision maker. If you're wasting too much time with people who are not in a position to authorize the sale, your sales numbers will likely suffer.

Listen to the Customer
Many salespeople make the mistake of directing a sales pitch at the customer instead of engaging with them. In particular, they forget to listen to the customer's needs or fail to hear buying signals the customer might be sending. Sometimes this happens because the salesperson gets too excited, overly involved in the pitch, or encouraged by the positive reaction from the customer. Other times it's because they are simply not being attentive enough. Rigidly sticking to a pitch and not listening to your customer can easily lead to the risk of talking yourself out of a sale. Instead, remember you are there to help the customer. Ask questions, listen, and talk about how your product or service can help them solve a problem.

Create Value or Solve a Problem
Does your product or service create value or solve a problem for your potential customer? If not, you are likely setting yourself up to fail. Honestly ask yourself whether the solution you are offering solves a problem or adds value in any way. The best salespeople I've encountered believe in the product or service they offer and help their customers solve problems.

Knowledge & Honesty
Become an expert. You should continue to learn and gain as much knowledge about the product or service you're selling as possible. It's important you can answer any questions your potential customer may have. That said, if you don't know the answer, remember to be honest. There is nothing wrong with letting the customer know you will contact the correct person within the company and get back to them with the answer to their question. It's extremely important to build honest relationships with your customers.

Remember Things
Write things down! Nothing is more embarrassing than forgetting names or an important detail from a conversation. The simple solution to this problem is keeping written records regarding the people you meet and important information from meetings. Following this simple advice could save you from losing a sale due to looking incompetent or foolish.

While I'm sure there are other suggestions that could be added to this list, it's vital that serious salespeople build a solid foundation with their customers. If your goal is long term success, stay away from gimmicks and schemes. In my experience as a salesperson, there is little more satisfying than being honest and helping other people solve problems. Being a successful salesperson is all about genuine relationship building.


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