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Web Page Load Time Matters

Posted by Ryan Hafey on 06-18-2015

Web Page Load Time Matters

The subject of this blog post is a topic that is often overlooked: Slow Page Loading.

While surfing the web I have come across many website pages that load painfully slow. When web pages load slow it's usually a sign of lousy coding, bloated software, or cheap hosting (sometimes a combination of all three). Slow page loading can be detrimental to the success of a website. Two negative consequences of slow page loading are frustrating site visitors and missing out on possible SEO benefits. I would be willing to bet that most of us have dealt with slow page loading. Remember that time you searched for a subject, clicked on the link, and the page just sat there loading?

When developing a site with page load time in mind, there are 3 critical things to focus on. These are quality design, code, and hosting. If your site lacks in any of these areas, it may hinder the success of your website.

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